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Door is stuck on HE3 Washer

Door is stuck on HE3 Washer

How do I manually open the door?


"There is a tab on the bottom of the door lock assembly that you can pull until it clicks to manually unlock the washer door. To access this tab, unplug the washer and remove the bottom front service panel as shown in the first image below. Once the door is unlocked, you may be able to close it and then drain the washer to finish the cycle if there is no damage to the plunger or the door lock assembly. If there is damage to the door lock assembly, you can access it (with the washer still unplugged) by using the procedure in the link.

You can order parts from the Sears PartsDirect website if needed.

When replacing the spring clamp on the boot, start working the retainer into the lip on the door opening at the opposite end of the spring. Pull the spring out as you work the clamp into place evenly up both sides of the door opening. Significant force will be needed to work the clamp back into place. I recommend wearing gloves during this process.

Once you get the washer door lock working again, test the washer in the spin mode when it is empty. Monitor on the first cycle with laundry in it to make sure that there is no damage to the spin basket or tub bearing.

When you push the washer and dryer back into place, get help and carefully push at the very bottom of the washer. Be extremely careful. You may need to use a dolly to carefully lift the washer up slightly as you push it back into place. http://media.fotki.com/1_p,wkkwfqgkqskwb..."

"Before you buy parts etc., there are easy fixes that may help. Are you getting an f dL code? If yes, you probably dont need to replace the CCU. I found video on youtube showing how to remove top portion of cabinet. I unplugged washer, remove top of cabinet, and carefully unplugged each one of the plastic clips for all the pink wires (one at a time) and plugged them back in. This worked temporarily! I read a post online that claimed this problem was a design flaw/vibration causes the plastic seats to become loose and not make proper connection. I got some electrical tape, cut a long strip for each relay seat, and (sticky side facing up) carefully placed the middle portion of the strip under the relay seat, pressed to ensure good contact, and brought each end up (with a little tension to keep plastic seat in place)/crisscrossing so ends would stick to top of CCU and back of top cabinet. Washer locks door and runs like new! I didnt need CCU or new door lock mechanism. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the online posts. Saved hundreds of $ with this simple easy fix!

1) Cut long strips of electrical tape, approximately 8"" long for each plastic relay seat.

2) Carefully slide a piece of electrical tape (sticky side up) under each plastic relay seat, and press center of tape strip to bottom of plastic seat.

3) With a little tension (to ensure contact with CCU is maintained) bring each end up/crisscrossing ends, and stick to top of CCU/overlap back of washer cabinet.

4) Put cabinet cover back on, plug in washer, and select cycle/press start."

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