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Drum vibration, how can you tell if the shock absorbers are worn?

Drum vibration, how can you tell if the shock absorbers are worn?

Washer is level and secure, it is on concrete foundation so it has good support. Washer is 12 years old, started this just recently. Have cleaned pump filter basket, all hoses,no blockage. During all spin cycles, no mater load size major vibration. Inspection of absorbers notes oil at bottom of three. Belt, motor and spider assembly in good shape.


hey oldturkey03 - is it normal for the shocks to have about 3/8" free play before damping kicks in? i.e. you can slide each shock in/out freely for about 3/8" after which it does effectively dampen movement. All 4 of mine do this and I'm thinking it is either normal or maybe they were worn from excessive shaking caused by a defective spider arm.

I have a Siemens washing machine that was, whilst spinning, banging on the front of the machine. I read all the posts and decided to change the shock/dampers myself. Then I discovered the drum has to come out and be split in order the remove the top part of the shocks as they are fixed to the drum. The shocks are the square type. I bought the new shocks quite cheaply and at the parts store the guy told me….No Need to take out the drum….just unbolt the bottom of the shocks….then release the tiny little tab at the bottom of the shock and pull out the bottom part of the shock out from the top half which is left in situ. Then pull apart the new shock in the same fashion and the insert the new bottom half in the Old top half which is still attached to the drum…Wallah…..works perfect and saves a !&&* of a lot of time. Now do the other side. Inside these square shocks there are 2 sticky pads that cause a sticky abrasion which has a damping affect in spin. The pads wear out allowing the drum to float all over the place …Job Done and simple to do. No Need to remove front, Back, drum etc.

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