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dryer is noisy and gets very hot

dryer is noisy and gets very hot

When I first turn my dryer on it's quiet but after about 20 minutes it's starts to get really loud and at that time it heats up so hot that you can't touch the clothes. When it gets this hot it wrinkles the clothes so bad you can't get them out, even with an iron.


Steve, try to completely remove the vent from the back of the dryer and run it. See if that changes the heat. After that it is possible that either your thermostat, your elements, or your high limit thermal cut-off that need to be replaced. You can check the heating elements with an ohm meter for continuity. Remove the toe panel to get to the cutoff etc. Here is a pretty good video that shows how to test it. Different washer, same principle. Hope this helps, good luck

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