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dryer will starts but only spins for about 30 seconds

dryer will starts but only spins for about 30 seconds

My dryer will star but only spins for about 30 seconds and then stops, what could be the problem???


"@ssd2495 , Seba, the dryer starts and then stops, check exhaust vents for being plugged with lint,etc(clean), unhook drive belt and see if drum rotates easy to be sure motor is not being over worked by a jammed or seized bearing, possible dryer overheated and tripped the thermal fuse, door switch wires or switch loose/faulty(check to see wires/plug good and test/secure switch), timer could be malfunctioning(dirty contacts), main electronic control board could be faulty, wire short/connection problem(check all connections and wires for damage/corrosion/tight), bad motor relay if equipped, faulty motor overheating. If you are not comfortable with checking electronic components have a good repair tech have a look, diagnose and estimate repair. Below are a couple trouble shooting links for you to check out. Good luck.

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@ssd2495 start the trouble shooting with the help of the diagnostics program of your dryer. Use the techsheet HE3 Techsheet to activate the diagnostics test mode and see what you come up with. Right now there is a plethora of possibilities of what could be going on.

I had this problem with an Amana dryer. Opened it up yesterday and found several socks in the bottom of the dryer under the tub, including one wrapped around the drive motor. Carefully unwrapped the sock from the drive motor, cleared out the other socks, lint, and dryer sheets that had accumulated in the base. Reassembled and the dryer is working properly once again.

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