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Electric dryer circit braker

Electric dryer circit braker

Kenmore electric dryer 240amp will trip the circut braker on house panel when i have a load in dryer, will run for 5 minuits then the braker trips. I tried just letting the dryer run on no heat and it goes through the cycle without tripping the braker please help!


Electric dryers use 220 volts or two power lines of 110 volts each. Some components in the dryer need only 110 volts; the heating element requires 220 volts. So it's possible for one part of the dryer to be fine and another part to have a short circuit. Short circuits can be caused by the heating element, the main power cord, or any other part of the internal wiring. I would unplug it and remove the back and visually try to find a short or burn mark. This is dangerous to work on as it must be tested while hot. Pros have equipment that can easily test the amperage that a wire is pulling. If the problem is not visible I would call a pro on this one.

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