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f6 code flashing on display

f6 code flashing on display

The wash cycle will not complete. Code f6 flashes on the display. What parts may be in jeapardy and need replacing?


The F6 error code means that the computer on the control didnt detect that the motor reached a high speed on the spin cycle, sometimes it thinks the washer didnt spin fast enough because of a loose wire connection either on the motor or the control boards (motor &machine control) if you find that the washer did actually spin at high speed (clothes dont come out sopping wet at the end of cycle) the wire connections or the motor control board will be the potential causes of the F6 error code. Try unplugging the machine for five minutes to let the computer reset then try again. Next check the control panel wires.

"The Whirlpool Duet appears to be the same/similar beast. THIS MANUAL may be helpful esp page 6-5

Potential Causes

• Check wire harness connections between the Drive Motor/Tachometer and the Motor ControlUnit (MCU), and between the MCU and the Central Control Unit (CCU)

• Check the Drive Motor

• Check the MCU

• Check the Wire Harness"

Means the door is stuck and wont open if ya pull of the thing at the bottom there should be a pull cord to release it . Might does it all the time

"Seemed consistent with ‘tilt’ in my case.

Pressed ‘Cancel’ to unlock door. Redistributed the clothes evenly. Closed Door. Pressed Start to continue cycle."

Heavy load, bigger than meant to be put in washer and once wet the uneven clothes in side with weight of water cause it to flash the F6 code on Kenmore he series 600 washer.

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