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factory settings for water

factory settings for water

Can the the factory settings be adjusted to add more water?


"I do not think so because the quantity of water is monitored by a flowmeter and Central Control Unit. When the flowmeter registers a maximum of 10.5 gal. (40 L), and the Central Control Unit detected the

pressure switch trip, the water valves will be shut off. The pressure switch is located in the top right rear corner of the washer and senses the water level in the wash tub. The control signal from the pressure switch is sent to the Central Control Unit and is used to determine the amount of water introduced into the wash tub during the wash cycle. The flowmeter is also used to introduce additional water into the tub for higher water levels, based on cycle requirements. This is the info from the service manual, so as you can see your washer is actually pretty smart and my concern on this would be that any ""adjustment"" made will throw the firmware off and could potential become costly to repair. Of course I am NOT certified by Kenmore or any other appliance manufacturer so you just have my opinion...:) good Luck"

Excuse me how do I reset my washer when it say water pressure reading

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