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frigidaire works ok, bout only fills with cold water

frigidaire works ok, bout only fills with cold water

model number ffle1011mw2 frigidaire stackable washer and dryer. All settings work ok; fills with water after selecting either hot or cold, but water in tub is always cold. All cycles run to completion. Checked water hoses: not kinked, hot water getting to washer ok.


This happens to me. The pipes have to warm up by running hot water through them. If the washer is close to the kitchen open the sink hot water valve first and see how long it takes hot water to get to it. (This cold water from the hot water side is what is first getting to your machine). Once it is hot then try the washer.


I think Mr Mayer might be on to it. Try to remove the hot water hose at the washer and turn the valve on the wall on.Run the hot water till it is hot. Now connect it again and turn the washer to hot wash and cold rinsing.Check if the water is hot.If it is cold the hot and cold hoses might be switched."

Frigidare Model FFLE1011mw2 won’t finish a fill cycle. It starts to fill then quits. Have only had the washer eight mos.

Are you sure hot water is actually running thru the line? If it has a mixing valve the silenoid could be bad.

I replaced the user interface A00540602 on mine, this fixed it

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