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GE microwave: JVM3160RF4SS trips breaker during cook cycle

GE microwave: JVM3160RF4SS trips breaker during cook cycle

hello, today, all of a sudden our GE microwave, model, JVM3160RF4SS which we purchased in 2018 started tripping the circuit breaker. The circuit only trips when attempting to run a cook cycle. I am able to run the exhaust, all lights, open/close doors without any issues. While searching online for answers, i ran into several posts that mentioned checking the fuse. i have checked the fuse that is behind the plastic grill and it does not appear to be blown.


I had this exact same problem on my GE microwave. There are two slots where the door latches closed onto the main microwave unit. The lower slot has a little button in there that is supposed to press in/closed when you close the door. If the button is gummed up with residue then the microwave will trip the circuit breaker. Unplug the microwave then clean that button with a Qtip and alcohol and press the button in and out a few times to free it up again. Plug the microwave back in and you should be good to go.

"Hi @diyaddict ,

There is usually only one fuse in a microwave oven. If it was faulty, nothing would work.

A circuit breaker operating indicates that the current flowing through it has exceeded its’ rating.

Have you proved that the problem is only when using the microwave, you didn’t say?

Does the circuit breaker also trip when using another appliance with the same or greater power consumption as the microwave when plugged into the same wall outlet?

Check the information labels on the appliances to check the power consumption figures e.g. microwave might say 1200W input and an electric kettle might say 2000W so try the kettle. If the breaker also trips when using the kettle, perhaps the problem is the breaker or the breaker circuit and not the microwave

If this occurs only with the microwave and then when the microwave is cooking then there is a problem in the operating circuit of either the turntable motor, internal fan or the magnetron circuit as these components are in use when cooking and you have checked that all the other circuits that can be in operation without the microwave actually cooking don’t cause the problem to occur.

An example could be there is a low resistance connection between a wire carrying supply voltage in the microwave when it is cooking and the frame of the microwave which is earthed (wire rubbing on frame perhaps) and therefore this trips the breaker. This is a safety feature, preventing electrocution if someone touches the metal case of the oven.

In any event there are several possible causes and the microwave would have to be opened and tested as to the cause of the problem. In electrical circuits and electronic circuits is doesn’t have to be the same fault every time that can give the same symptoms

Working on microwave ovens is extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. There is still potentially lethal voltage (>6000V) in the microwave circuit even when it has been disconnected from the power for some time. If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it! It’s not worth it, leave it to the experts."

"Same problem with GE microwave mfg in 2018. When you try to start the microwave, breaker trips within a second.

Found the ‘door monitor' switch was bad. It's the middle microswitch (not top, not bottom) behind the main keyboard panel. Ordered from Amazon and replaced for less than $10. Bad switch had it's contacts fused together by electrical current. Watch YouTube videos to see how to replace it."

I just fixed one. The door monitor switch is the prime suspect, BUT not the only thing. If that switch is not activated when the door is closed it puts a direct short across the AC line, which is what trips the breaker, but it does not blow the internal fuse. The problem can also be caused by worn out plastic assy. that holds the switches allowing the activator to drop too low and not trip the switch - as it was in the one I fixed. You need to verify that the switch is functioning or not, then look closely at the area the activator rides over. If it looks rough and worn, it is a $35+ part. The switch is also being scammed for the same or more, but can be had on AliExpress for about $5.

I have the same microwave, manufactured in 2018, tripping breaker, so I replace the door switch, it worked for a month, then I had to replace all 3 switches lasted another month. So done replacing microwave but not with a GE. Just tired of fixing it.

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