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2011 GE Microwave oven it keeps tripping off the circuit breaker

2011 GE Microwave oven it keeps tripping off the circuit breaker

I have a 2011 GE above the stove Microwave oven it keeps tripping the 15 amp circuit breaker, i replace the breaker with a new one. When i push start it goes on for about 5 seconds the goes off.


I think the previous answer is worse case scenario. Many GE models has inferior door latches that when closed are in contact with the micro switches. Often these switches can go bad, my jvm3610 model has 3. It takes 5 minutes to check them with a multi meter. Those were not the problem with my unit but instead there was a slight bit of wear on the bottom door latch that comes in contact with the middle switch when the door is closed. Due to this minute wear in the plastic latch it was not quite activating the micro switch when the door is closed hence shorting out the unit when activated and tipping the breaker. The fix I used was adding a thin strip of duct tape to the end of the door latch adding a tiny bit of bulk to the latch so when closed it reaches the micro switch. ABout 1/4 inch wide by maybe 1 1/2 inches long wrapped around the end of the latch. This is a temp fix until I cab use something better than duct tape to add approx 1/32 of an inch to the latch

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