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Heat and air control only works on 3rd and 4th setting

Heat and air control only works on 3rd and 4th setting My power control for degree of heat/air only works on 3rd and 4th setting. is this fixable or need replacing

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Hi @mikev717 ,

Are you referring to the blower fan speeds?

Here’s a link to the workshop manual for a 2011-2014 Ford F-150.

Scroll down to and click on the Climate Control System - General Information and Diagnostics link

Download the file to your PC (download link is in Document box header bar on right side) to make it easier to work with. Also the page numbering I show below is the pdf file page numbering as the manual’s page numbering is a bit too confusing to briefly explain

Once you have the file go to p.162/239 to find the Pinpoint Test X: The Blower Motor Does Not Operate Correctly — EMTC Base With 4 Blower Motor Speed Positions section.

This details how to test for where the problem may be. It may be that it is just a faulty blower motor resistor module.

Hopefully this is of some help."