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Help needed with an F02 repair?

Help needed with an F02 repair?

I also had an F02 error code. I attempted all the repair possibilties listed....checked drain pump and connections, checked hoses for possible blockage and then replaced pump all together! Tried to wash small load only to have the F02 code again. Still won't work...did the diagnostic test and it gets stuck at C:06. But when I advance the test program control it advances to the end of diagnostic test (C:07 & C:08) with no problem. When I tried to run a normal cylce (with empty washer) the drum doesn't spin like it usually does shortly after turning on. Help!


"OldTurkey03 is correct:

In my case the machine kept throwing F02 code (drain pump continuously pumping) even after thoroughly cleaning out drain plumbing and filter completely.

Removed pressure tube connector from back of tub housing (must remove rear cover for access) to discover it was completely fouled/blocked. This caused pressure switch to ""think"" there was still water in tub to be drained, even when empty.

Cleaned pressure tube connector, reassembled, and now machine operates normally again."

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