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Albertos Pizza Menu Pricelist & Pictures 2021 (Most Updated)

Are you craving for Albertos Pizza?

Do you want to choose which of their pizza that deliciously suits your taste?

Here's a Menu of the Albertos Pizza. They are mainly categorized into three (3): the Quickmelt Cheese menu, the Mozzarella Cheese menu and the combination of both. Choose which pizza you're craving for.
Albertos Pizza Menu with Pricelist (2021)

Albertos Pizza Menu Pricelist (Latest)
Alberto's Pizza Pricelist Menu 2021

Combination of Quickmelt and Mozzarella

  • Chizzo Trio - Php 90 (9" inches size) and Php 130 (11" inches size)
  • Breakfast Mix - Php 160
  • Veggie Chix - Php 190
  • Royal Flush - Php 240 

Quickmelt Cheese Menu 

Pictures Name and
Description of Pizza
and Prize
    9" (inches) 11" (inches)
crushed Oreo cookies
Php 95 Php 135
All hotdog
Php 95 Php 137
All ham
Php 100 Php 140
Albertos Full House Pizza ALBERTO'S FULL HOUSE
Ham, Salami, Hungarian, bacon, pepperoni, chicken hotdog, beef minced, chicken minced, Mushroom, pineapple tidbits, black olives, onions, red and green bell
  Php 250
Tuna Garlic Pizza TUNA GARLIC
Tuna flakes, tomatoes, onions sliced
Php 95 Php 135
Garden Express Pizza GARDEN EXPRESS
Button mushroom, pineapple tidbits, Black olives, onions, tomato, red and green bell
Php 95 Php 135
crushed Oreo cookies with pineapple
Php 100 Php 140
button mushroom, pineapple tidbits, black olives, onions, tomato, red & green bell
Php 105 Php 145
cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom, onions, red and green bell, black olives
Php 110 Php 150
tuna flakes, tomatoes, onions sliced
Php 110 Php 150
ham, ham sausage, hamonado, egg, tomatoes, onions
Php 115 Php 155
All Hungarian Pizza ALL HUNGARIAN
All Hungarian with hot and spicy sauce
Php 115 Php 155
All Pepperoni Pizza ALL PEPPERONI
All pepperoni with hot and spicy sauce
Php 115 Php 155
with beef pepperoni
Php 115 Php 155
Beef and Mushroom Pizza BEEF AND MUSHROOM
Ground beef, mushroom, and onions
Php 115 Php 155
lots of pineapples, ham sausage, mushroom, green bell
Php 115 Php 155
all cheese krainer
Php 120 Php 160
Chicken Garlic Pizza CHICKEN GARLIC
Chicken hotdog sliced, chicken minced, tomato red, onions sliced
Php 120 Php 160
Bacon Special Pizza BACON MUSHROOM
Bacon, mushroom, ground meat, tomato, onions
Php 145 Php 205
Hawaiian Pizza HAWAIIAN
Ham, bacon, pineapple, mushroom, onions and green bell
Php 120 Php 160
bacon, mushroom ground beef, tomatoes, onions
Php 125 Php 170
choco stick, oreo, marshmallow, & choco syrup
Php 125 Php 170
spanish sardines, carrot, pickles, tomatoes, onions
Php 135 Php 180
chicken minced, pineapple, onions, red bell, buffalo sauce
Php 135 Php 180
pork sisig, onions, red bell, calamansi
  Php 200
chorizo de Cebu, ham sausage, onions
Php 145 Php 205
cheese krainer, hungarian, hamonado, ham sausage
  Php 205
Pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, onions, pineapple tidbits, black olives and green bell
Php 120 Php 160
Taco d Albertos Pizza TACO D' ALBERTOS
Ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions, red and green bell
Php 155 Php 215
Diavolos Pizza DIAVOLOS
Hot and spicy beef, onions, bacon, pepperoni and red bell
Php 155 Php 215
Meatlovers Pizza MEATLOVER'S
Ham, salami, hungarian sausage, ground meat, onions, red and green bell
Php 150 Php 210
Beef Shawarma Pizza BEEF SHAWARMA
Ground beef, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, onions
Php 155 Php 215
Meaty Royale Pizza MEATY ROYALE
Hungarian,pepperoni,salami,ham,bacon, w/ mozzarella cheese
  Php 240
beef pepperoni, pork pepperoni with Mozzarela cheese
  Php 245

For FREE delivery contact their telephone no.: (032) 512-5998

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Fatima Myra Dipatuan   (31 March 2019 0:14 AM) [Entry]

Is there any pork ingredients that has been added to vegetarian pizza?
Gerwin Baya   (30 December 2018 10:16 PM) [Entry]

I had a bad experience with Albertos, I called them the one located in CDO-carmen, they dont answer my call, they'd even turn off their phone. If you dont want to accept calls, please dont post your number and state that you guys are on free delivery within the area. When I visited this place, its too dirty. Not good to stay around and eat.
cheryl guevara   (29 December 2018 9:33 PM) [Entry]

One garden pizza pls.. patag cagayan de oro city

Denys Woodroffe   (25 October 2018 1:48 PM) [Entry]

How much to deliver Bacong please?
Maricel Imboy   (14 October 2018 10:16 AM) [Entry]

1pizza supreme 11" pls

Maricel Imboy   (14 October 2018 10:15 AM) [Entry]

I would like to order pizza supreme just 1 pls. 11"
Add : B Rodriguez st. across petron station

Nurzaida   (30 September 2017 4:12 PM) [Entry]

Good afternoon. I would like to order Beef Shawarma 9", just the quick melt please

Phone number: 09483477499
FJ Sotomayor   (04 September 2017 2:35 PM) [Entry]

Hi good afternoon, I love to order an all PEPERONI 11" and a TUNA GARLIC 9"

Address: Abaniel Extension, LSU Study Center, Ozamis City
Cherry Ann Calipes   (15 April 2017 6:37 PM) [Entry]

hi good evening I would like to order ALL PEPERONI 11" now 1 pc only now.
Address:R. Arcenas Street Sta. Ana Labangon Cebu City
Contact number: 09224765965
Jesryl Flores   (12 November 2016 6:47 AM) [Entry]

Good morning. I would like to order 1 Garden Express 11'' just the quick melt.
Address: H. Abellana St. Zone-5 Canduman, Mandaue City. Sa may phoenix gasoline station.
Cellphone number 09435851711
Nairalene Cafe   (09 November 2016 3:44 AM) [Entry]


Your prices are not updated. We just ordered and price increase is between 7-15php depending on the flavor. you should be updating your site for accurate info.

Lalaine Hurboda   (05 June 2016 7:51 PM) [Entry]

Hi I would like to order All pepperoni 2 box 11inches and meaty royal 2 box 11inches as well..

Address: Phase 2 Block 1 Lot 14B3 La Citadella Subd. sitio Cadahu-an Talamban City.

Money is 1k
Cp no. 09335442369
Aloha mia magdua   (02 February 2016 1:12 PM) [Entry]

Will you accept credit card
ian   (28 December 2015 10:09 PM) [Entry]

can i order a pizza...my location is banawa..thanks
KIMBERLY WYNE GONZALES   (10 June 2015 4:12 PM) [Entry]

we were planning to order some pizza's can you deliver it at eblock 3 i.t park, lahug cebu? and what number can we call for ordering?

thank you!?
KIMBERLY WYNE GONZALES   (10 June 2015 4:09 PM) [Entry]

hi!? i just want to ask if there is a minimum order of delivery? and, also is it free of charge? because we are planning to order pizza's.

thank you!
Judea Fleur M.Alvarez   (20 May 2015 3:29 PM) [Entry]

Hi! I just want to ask if there is a minimum order required for delivery? Thank you and God bless.
Margaret Dua Pasuelo   (20 January 2015 9:06 PM) [Entry]

Hello. I am interested to franchise with you. I am from Polomolok South Cotabato...Please send me email for details...salamat and God bless ...
BabyJZ8   (14 January 2015 10:44 AM) [Entry]

Good Day!!!
I just want to ask how many slices are there in 11" & 9 " pizza?

Thanks & God Bless!!!
Norberto J. Nunez   (21 April 2014 6:25 PM) [Entry]


I am very much interested to make a franchise of this business pizza where can I contact you?
please send me full information about this matter. Chris
brenda r.carbon   (24 October 2013 8:09 AM) [Entry]

good morning..i am interested for a franchise in our place villa leyson subd.bacayan cebu city.Pls give me contact person to deal with.

thank you hoping for your response soon.
God Bless!

sincerely ,