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How do I fix my volume on my iPod?

How do I fix my volume on my iPod?
I can not get good volume through my iPod 4th generation. The volume is turned all the way up. The battery is charged and I have tried several sets of head phones. The volume is still very low. Can you help?


"If you have a device that was manufactured for the EU market, you may be able to fix this with software called goPod. I have not tried this myself, but it is well-reviewed.

You could also look into an in-line amplifier, which doesn't require any modification of the iPod itself.

Finally, be sure to check that you don't have Volume Limit set on the iPod - you can set it using the iPod's menus. If it is set, the volume may appear to be fully up, but is actually being limited by this Parental Control setting."

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