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How do I get rid of vertical coloured lines on my tv?

How do I get rid of vertical coloured lines on my tv?

So my sons done something to my Tv, I don’t know if he has damaged it via hitting it or with water? But there are now 2 coloured vertical lines down the right side. I’ve tried hitting the back of the tv and they won’t budge? Help?!


"Samara Cannon  usually there is not much that one can do to a TV that causes vertical lines (other than breaking the LCD panel). Vertical lines are most commonly caused by a bad T-con board, a bad main board (less likely) and possibly a bad panel (TAB errors or a broken panel). We would need to see what you got going on. Post some pictures of what your screen shows with your question. Adding images to an existing question

also, let us know the exact model of your TV if it is different then the one you picked."

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