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Why do I have vertical lines of lighter color on my screen

Why do I have vertical lines of lighter color on my screen

Hey I have a un65ju7500 Samsung smart uhd tv. I've seen vertical black or colored lines on tvs before, this is a see through line. So the regular image shows through, but it has weird lines of a lighter white vertical strip/ line all over the screen, it's very noticeable on all grey or black screens. I've tried resetting, adjusting picture settings, nothing. I'm not sure what I need to do, please help. It's like rectangle sections of extra light. Could it be light bleed in lines? And the line don't move, same spot


"It could either be a damaged LCD, a damaged main board or a loose ribbon connection between the two.

if your TV is under warranty period, contact the manufacturer for repair (basically a replacement of either the motherboard or the LCD)

if not, Open it (ensure it's unplugged) and see if re-seating or disconnecting the connection of the LCD to the Mainboard and reconnecting them.

if that doesnt work, consider contacting your manufacturer for replacement. See if the cost of the modules(s) is worth repairing them. From where I come from, repair practically costs more then buying a brand new."

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