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How do I pair my phone or tablet to my echo dot?

How do I pair my phone or tablet to my echo dot?
Is their a pairing button or does the echo dot automatically connect to the nearest device in range?


Hi there! Make sure the bluetooth is turned on on both your iPhone and tablet. Say "Alexa, pair," and select the Amazon Echo from settings to connect. For more help visit the troubleshooting page here: Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Troubleshooting
"You've must've lost your manual. Here you go!

You can stream audio from a mobile device because echo dot is Bluetooth-enabled. Here you can checkout how to pair your phone with echo dot:
Sometimes, there can be Bluetooth connectivity issues, to tackle this problem, you can unpair and repair the device. For this, go to setting and then Alexa app, now click on the Bluetooth option and clear the paired devices. alexa not responding

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