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How do I pair my phone or tablet to my echo dot?

How do I pair my phone or tablet to my echo dot?

Is their a pairing button or does the echo dot automatically connect to the nearest device in range?

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"You can stream audio from a mobile device because echo dot is Bluetooth-enabled. Here you can checkout how to pair your phone with echo dot:

- First of all, open your Alexa app.

- Select Settings by opening left navigational panel.

- Select your echo device then select Bluetooth> Pair a new device.

- Open Bluetooth settings menu on your mobile device and your echo dot device. It make take a few seconds to appear in the list.

If still, not pairing device to Bluetooth, read this Echo Dot Bluetooth Troubleshooting"
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I feel it's my privilege that I have got a chance help you . To avail entire help for all Echo dot related bugs visit: Echo dot Setup"
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Sometimes, there can be Bluetooth connectivity issues, to tackle this problem, you can unpair and repair the device. For this, go to setting and then Alexa app, now click on the Bluetooth option and clear the paired devices. alexa not responding
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