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How do I replace door

How do I replace door

How to replace door on kenmore microwave


"Unplug the microwave and set it on a table or workbench. If you have a built-in microwave, you may have to remove

some mounting screws or retention clips to get the microwave out of the support bracket. Open the door and take out the

glass tray.

Pry off a corner of the plastic panel on the inside of the door with a screwdriver or butter knife. Once it is loose, work the

screwdriver or knife all the way around the glass and remove the panel.

Ask someone to hold the microwave door as you disconnect it from the hinges. Depending on the design of your

microwave door, you may have to remove a set of screws or slide a pin out of the hinge to release the door. Remove and

discard the old door.

Have your assistant hold the replacement door up to the hinges. Attach the door to the hinges by reversing the previous

step. Snap the plastic inner panel into place around the glass. Move the microwave back to its original location. Insert and

tighten the necessary mounting screws if you are working on a built-in microwave. Set the glass tray back inside the

microwave and close the door"

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