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I have no picture (black screen). Sound and Ambilight still works.

I have no picture (black screen). Sound and Ambilight still works.

My Philips 55PUS7101/12 is exactly 3 years old and the screen just stopped working.


"Marcus Sätherström  when you turn your TV on and you have sound indicating that you are on a valid channel, shine a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen . See if you can make out shapes etc. If so it is your backlight that may have failed. If not then it is time to remove the back from your TV and take a look at the boards. This can be a power board as well as a main board issue. Take some good pictures and post those with your question, that way we can see what you see . Also, on your T-con board is a fuse. With your TV on, check the fuse to see if there is power on it (12VDC). Try not to shorten out any pins while checking on a live TV :-)

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UPDATE 09/08/2019

Marcus Sätherström the fuse is the one with the red arrow on it. Use your meter in ohm mode and place one probe on either side of the fuse (blue arrows) and watch your meter. If you have continuity it will move the needle (analog) or move from a high value to 0 (depends on your meter). If you have continuity, check for power (yellow arrows). With the TV on place the red probe on one of the points on the fuse and the black probe to ground with your meter in VDC mode. You should have around 12V on it.

Update (10/08/2019)

Marcus Sätherström  page 46 would be of interest. See if you can use it to narrow it down further Philips-QM16.3E_LA_part-1.pdfPhilips-QM16.3E_LA_part-3.pdfPhilips-QM16.3E_LA_part-2.pdf"

For us it seems to be the logic board, the one with the HDMI connectors. The power board feeds the logic board and the logic board provides the power to the middle board what should feed the backlight. 2/3 boards replaced now.

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