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I just replaced the headphone jack and it still doesn't work.

I just replaced the headphone jack and it still doesn't work.

I just replaced the headphone jack and it still doesn't work. When I mess with the volume with the headphones in it you can hear a little fuzzing noise like if you turn a radio up without any music playing. Any Ideas?


"Ipod Video not playing audio any longer through either the headphone jack or the bottom dock connector. If this is you.. try this out:

Pinch the bottom right corner of your Ipod and see if the audio comes back. **

I saw this tip on another forum and it worked!

I think I've figured out what the problem is and of course voided the warranty in the process.

If you open up the ipod, the big chip on the bottom right (where you would be pressing from the front)... ie. the big square chip sitting in the corner is the audio decoder labelled P5021C-TDF. This chip isn't attached properly to the logic board, obviously it works itself loose over time. You get sound when you press firmly on this chip - which is effectively what you are doing when you press on the bottom right corner of the Ipod.

It works fine when you play through Itunes, presumably it has it's own software codec.

I do admire how tough it's built considering how rough I handled it when I pulled the Ipod apart... but I will now try to fix it and let you know if I manage."

"I would suspect that when docked, your iPod still probably will not produce any sound.

Assuming that this is the case, and your iPod is not producing sound at all, my (only slightly) educated guess would be that your logic board needs to be replaced. The logic board can be found in our parts store here, and the guide to do the replacement job can be found here.

I hope this helps fix it for real this time!"

The trick to all this would be to get this big chip on the bottom right to be reworked on with a professional rework station , i read these instruction on the link you previously provided me !

Try pressing the front of the iPod just to the lower right of the click wheel, If you hear anything the logic board is defective and no you cannot fix it in the oven as I have fried 2 of them trying !

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