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I replaced iPod battery but why wont it stay powered up?

I replaced iPod battery but why wont it stay powered up?
I ordered ipod replacement battery. I followed directions and installed battery into ipod. I noticed when I compared both batteries that the model numbers were different and the coupling cables were on opposite ends. I reversed new battery with label side down and reattached the cables. I snapped the case back together and attempted to charge ipod using the belkin ac adaptor 2.0 USB cable. Ipod powered up and the interneal circuitry on the hard drive was working. When I attempted to attach the USB to my computer to troubleshoot whether it would be recognized on the Apple itunes website it would not link it up. I disconnected from my computer and turned ipod on. It had about a 25% charge and actually booted up to the start menu. I went to music to see if it would play, it did this but then the ipod froze and the backlight stayed on. Does anyone know if this is a motherboard problem and I have "fried" the ipod? If so, I now have an expensive paperweight. Thanking you in advance.


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