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Replaced battery but iPod still doesn't charge

Replaced battery but iPod still doesn't charge
I recently replaced the battery in my 3rd Generation iPod (A1040 20GB). It briefly powered up, worked and played music but the battery was low on charge and it quickly died. However, when I connected it to a wall charger it wouldn't charge. I have the same result when I connect it USB to a computer. I've tried several different kinds of wall chargers with the same results. When I plug it in it will briefly flash the Apple logo then go to a battery icon with a triangle with an exclamation point in it. I appreciate any help.


Are you trying to charge it via USB? You need to use a 30-pin to firewire cable and charger, or an iPod dock. The 3rd gen iPod can’t charge with a USB cable like the other iPods can.
You can either try a MB with the charge port already on it or a new charge port by soldering. But that's the next step. It's been hard finding main boards for these these days though
I have this same issue.
I’m having the same problem with my 15GB model, I’m thinking of replacing the dock connector and cleaning up the motherboard to avoid any possible shorting. You could try this:

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