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replaced broken touch screen iPod still doesn't work

replaced broken touch screen iPod still doesn't work
I replaced broken touch screen and wi fi antenna (suck to screen during removal of broken screen) and get white screen when turned on. Tried reboot a few different ways as mentioned but still nothing. I did open it back up and noticed a few of the laminates on back of the touch screen stuck to the case so I released them seem to be ok? looked around everything seems hooked up still white screen. When I do the reboot holding on/off and home button white screen stays on for 8 seconds or so then goes out even if I continue to hold for 30 seconds. If I do it again nothing happens. I'll let it sit for five minutes and the same thing happens, white screen then turns off. Never get the Apple logo start up symbol. I hooked it up to my Itunes and it says password needed so I guess its being recognized but still can't do anything with the ipod. Any suggestions? Thank You


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