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Did all the reset for iPod but still doesn't work.

Did all the reset for iPod but still doesn't work.

I have been going through all the tests that you guys have been saying. All that happens after performing the tests is the same screen that always comes up. Connect to your comupter use itunes to restore. But I can't get anything to happen. I've reinstalled itunes too. I've done the manual and auto tests. I do notice when it comes to the accessory test I can't get past that. That might say someting.


Try this and see if it works. This will reformat the drive (you will lose all your files on the iPod: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management (Under Storage) The ipod should show up there as the simple removable disk. Just right click it and click format from there. It should reformat after a while (SLLOWWLY but surely) and then you should be able to restore with Itunes. Hope that works. Here is a little bit more info, but let us know how you are progressing ezcomputerhelp/i-turned-o...

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