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LG RC9011B making humming noise and stopping

LG RC9011B making humming noise and stopping

I've tried repairing my dryer with no luck, so far I've replaced the drain pump and motor but still having same issue. The dryer will hum and slowly spin whilst turned off but plug switch turned on. When powering up it will continue to make the hum. I choose any program and it will spin up for approx 3 seconds before halting, creating a larger humming sound and spinning the drum backwards. I have tried to do a video as will make more sense. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as would prefer to fix rather than send to landfill.


The service manual is available (I looked). But I’d make sure I’ve got real 220 VAC on the power in. Humming motors are usually under excessive load or are under powered. Losing 1 leg of the 220 could easily be the issue. Check the easy stuff first. Good Hunting <<<)))

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