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Loud pop then no power

Loud pop then no power

Heard a loud popping sound and unit went blank no picture no sound. Tried turning unit back on but no power. Checked outlet breaker and verified power to the unit however does not power up.


Concerning your Vizio Television. It sounds like the power supply inside the Television has failed. Unfortunately, This isn't a problem or procedure for untrained individuals. There are very high voltages within a TV. Cracking the case can be dangerous. Having said that, as I said, First, REMOVE THE POWER PLUG FROM THE TV but remember, there are still potentially HIGH voltages stored in components inside. If you were to remove the outer cover, possibly you will see something either melted, burned or smelling bad, as an electrical smell. Near the power cord entrance. If that is the case, that component is probably the problem component. However did another circuit overload or "draw too many amps" causing the damaged component? We don't know, that is why this problem is not for the untrained person. Knowledge of electronics as well as some basic testing tools / meters are needed. If you're not in this field, it wouldn't pay you to purchase them for one project. You could take the TV to a repair person who can physically manipulate the device on hand. Depending on the price of your TV, you may get off relatively inexpensive if you ask for an estimate prior to having them fix it. They will charge a "bench fee" and let you know a general price. I mention this because you may be able to get off rather inexpensively, power supplies are generally easily fixed. Again, never say never, When a power supply fails, It "could" cause other damage? Up to you as how you proceed. I mention the power supply only because that's the first place I would look after verifying the unit is receiving a signal and has power. The problem could be another component, you just don't know until you can crack the case.

Did you unplug it and plug it in again that might fix

Sounds like the transformer blew.

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