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Maytag Mdg9700aww has weird error code

Maytag Mdg9700aww has weird error code

My Maytag dryer model Mdg9700aww has an error code that looks like an capital E without the top line followed by a 5. Was told that it means thermistor was bad. Replaced that but still get weird error code. Anyone know what the code means?


"Hi @trytofixit14 ,

Does the error code look like a t S perhaps?

If so this indicates a faulty thermistor as you have been told. (thermistor Switch)

Have you still got the old thermistor?

According to what I can find out, if it is OK its’ resistance should measure 10K Ohms at room temperature. If it doesn’t it needs to be replaced.

Also once it has been replaced the error code needs to be cleared.

Try the following to clear the error code:

Enter the Service Mode by pressing CHIME and TEMPERATURE keys for 3 seconds or until 3 beeps are heard.

Access Diagnostic Codes by pressing WRINKLE PREVENT.

A d will be displayed.

Rotate the CYCLE SELECTOR KNOB in either direction to read it.

Press SENSOR DRY and TIME keys for 3 seconds to clear it.

Power OFF to exit Service Mode  and then Power ON"

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