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F5 error code after washer has filled up with water?

F5 error code after washer has filled up with water?

After machine has filled up with water and is starting the wash cycle f 05 error code comes up. Went through diagnostic test in the manual and goes through c:00-c:08 with no problem. Try to wash a load, still comes up with f 05 code. The manual says it is a water temperature sensor error, but there is no heating element present.?


According to the manual, that washer takes in hot and cold water and adjusts the ratio to achieve the desired temperature, so it doesn't need a heating element. Sounds like you need to replace the temperature sensor.

It could be that the lid lock sensor is wet, or dirty. I opened it up while it was going to add a garment. Then it wouldn’t stop F05, and washer wouldn't even do anything except shut off after I turned it on! Then, I noticed it was making a faint tapping sound by the lid lock. I opened it up and listened closer, then realized it was coming from that area. I cleaned off the sensor with a dry towel, on both the lid and the sensor on the inside of the washer where the lid lock clicks. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Cost: ZERO!!!!

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