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Microwave shutting itself off

Microwave shutting itself off

Have a 12 year old microwave that sometimes shuts itself off 1 second after pressing start. But then works totally fine after trying again. Is food cooked in here safe to consume?


"Hi @sbc4816 ,

If it shuts off 1 second after starting, the food has not even begun to get warm, let alone cook.

As long as the food is cooked thoroughly, (ensure that you have selected the correct cooking temperature for the food, especially meat), the second time you start it, i.e. microwave doesn’t stop until the appropriate time, that you have selected has expired (or you pause it to stir the food if required and then start it again) then it will be safe to eat, given that the food was OK before you started.

What is the make and model number of the microwave oven?"

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