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My MP3 player won't turn on once I remove the charger.

My MP3 player won't turn on once I remove the charger.

I can listen to my Sylvania SMP2200 2GB MP3 Player when it is charging, but once it unplug it it stops and the light won't turn on. I know it has to be fully charged to play, but it was charging all night. Any tips?


It sounds to me like you have a bad battery connection or a dead battery. Remove the back cover from the device. Locate the battery and its connector. DO NOT TOUCH THIS!!! It may be round or boxy. Using a spudger if you have one, otherwise use a pencil eraser, push the battery connector back in. Attempt to turn on the MP3 player. If this does not work, then you may have a dead battery.

I had this problem too its not the battery it must be switched on when charging but plug in your earphones and make sure no music is playing or the battery will be drained and it will result in no charging, That fixed mine hope it helps somebody :p :D

I have an answer that works on the MP3 players that you push a switch up to turn it on after you push it up the swith goes down, so my answer is for those MP3 players.

Didn’t charge with the charger, but did so with a PC data connection; also the cable was VERY PICKY as to how much i inserted it into the player. Talking 1/10th of a mm. As soon as I got the data connection, it would charge, otherwise a (fake) charging screen. Hope that helps.

Have you got a solution regarding the MP3 player problem?

it sounds like its a case of dead(drained completely and cant be re-charged.) battery

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