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My tv goes black..I turn it off it s back

My tv goes black..I turn it off it s back

I have a 50 inch model e50 e series 4k vizio tv..maybe 1.5 years old. When u turn it on in the morning the screen flickers then goes black..a power cycle Ussualy fixes it.. sometimes it does it two or three times. Which requires 2 or 3 power Cycles. I'm just worried this is a problem that could get larger. But it almost seems like the TV needs to warm up and then it's fine the rest of the day. . I have it connected to a DirecTV Genie with an HDMI cord. That's the only connection. I know the cord is good because I've used it on other devices. Any advice is greatly appreciated


"Turn the TV off and unplug it. Press the power button on the side of the TV for 30 seconds. Let go of the power button and plug the TV back in. (source: https://support.vizio.com/s/article/No-V...). If this doesn't work, try unplugging for 5 minutes or more.

This problem could get larger. I had a TV a while back that used to have problems turning on. It would take 2-3 pushes of the power button before it would finally power up. Slowly, 2-3 pushes turned into 5-6, and finally no amount of button pushing would work. However, it took 2 years from the start of the problem to the TV finally stopped working. The TV was 10 years old when I finally put it to pasture 6 months ago. You never now with these things."

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