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Why does my tv turn off and turn back on again continuously

Why does my tv turn off and turn back on again continuously

My Panasonic plasma tv turns itself off and then back on again continuously


@halilh68 could be a bad power board, bad IR board or a bad remote. Try a different remote first and see if that helps. Also let us know the exact model of your TV and if it has the capabilities to connect to a network and does auto updates etc. In that case, you want to turn that stuff right off. If it does not, then unplug it and remove the back. Check your boards for obvious damage, like leaking or domed looking capacitors etc. Post some images of all of your boards and post those with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. It will allow us to see what you see.

Had the same problem, thought it was the neighbour’s kids with a new gadget. Finally covered up the infra red receiver on the TV (where it kept flashing from green to red), and took all the remotes out of the room, and turned the TV on manually. Worked fine, so I took the remotes one by one back into the room and narrowed it down to the Amazon Fire Stick remote, which I hardly ever use, so problem solved! When I can be bothered I’ll check the batteries and maybe reboot it.

Hi @mkjl22,

I cut a hole on the back of the tv where the power board is and glued on a 5 volt usb fan .. used caulking to glue it and plugged the usb in a usb jack at the back of the tv fan is now exhausting heat out of the tv. and the fan only comes on when i turn on the tv. i know it needs a new power board but this has worked for me for a year now and has not done a restart since.. take the back cover off before cutting the hole so not to damage the power board.. actualy instaled the fan just above the power board. my tv is a panasonic tcp60gt30 and it has no internal fans.

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