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Why does my smart tv turn on and off overs and overs.

Why does my smart tv turn on and off overs and overs.

i turn it on and shows samsung smart tv then turns off quick, then on, then off, and repeats itself till i unplug it. it shows a that screen a second then repeats. what can be the problem and can i fix myself.


I have been having the same problem, I tried the above solution with memory card but wasn't able to get that to work, upon more research I found a post that said to remove the back cover, and unplug and replug the circuit boards, and anything that has a plug, and blow the dust out of the connections. Very easy as the post said, nothing that can really go wrong, the tV was useless. Low and behold, upon re installing the back and plugging in the set, for the first time in a month the set is working. Low tech, solution even I could do. Sorry for the neighborhood fix-it guy, he would have charged me 50 bucks just to diagnose it and Whatever part he thought I needed. I love the internet. Thanks to those that forged the road before us.

Check the remote https://youtu.be/2Jg7cMw2d18

So... I have been having the same problem for about 2 months and it just got worse. I opened the back like you said and cleaned all the connections 2 days ago. So far so good.

The problem is not in the Wi-Fi module, Just in power consumption. In my opinion you can freely put Wi-Fi back in, remove the cord between mainboard and power supply board, turn it around, then plug again. You will see that one vein will be a little bit darker in plug. That because Samsung picks too thin to deliver so much energy to mainboard.

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