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Why does my TV light go on and off, why does it come on in the night?

Why does my TV light go on and off, why does it come on in the night?

My TV has to be plugged out at night as it will come on during the early hours of the morning, where I have had to turn it off twice. I have checked the menu and it is not on a timer so I dont understand. The remote no longer works to turn it on and when you turn it off via the power on the TV and pull out the plug, when you plug it back in, it does not come back on so you have to continually plug it in and out until the light is off and it comes on.


"This sure sounds like the power supply got damaged. There’s a low voltage that runs all the time for the remote receiver to function, that may be bad but if it’s only the turn on/off aspect, it’s the power switching on the AC that’s gone bad. The intermittent aspect is related. I’m reading that you infer other remote functions are ok.

If you are or know someone good in electronics, it “could” be fixed. Usually the best / easiest path is to get the make, model and serial number and find a replacement power supply board. There are some parts salvage houses that take in damaged units and harvest parts for resale. I’ve used them before with total success.

Also, if you live fairly rural, get surge suppressors for all your electronic devices, especially ones that turn on/off by remote. Good Hunting <<<)))"

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