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No output from iPod jacks

No output from iPod jacks
Neither the USB connection or the headphone jack will emit any sound/info. For a while if I had something plugged into either port and squeezed the iPod at the point of connection I could get it to work but now that fails. iPod still turns on and the program all still function.


"you didn't wrote what iPod medel you have.

is it a 5th generation iPod ?

i wrote somethig about it yesterday, i guess it's ok when i simply copy and paste it:

a common problem are shot capacitors on the logicboard (c145 & c146). you can see them in step 8 of the logic board guide. the two orange parts are sometimes defective/shot/burned. they are 220µF capacitors and if they are ""bad"" they could look like this:

it could also be a problem with the P5021C-TDF - this part is the black one, left from the burned piece on the image above

the solderings of this chip failed on many 5g iPod's in less than a year - if you want to read more about it: CLICK here

if you open your iPod (enough to reach the black chip i mentioned) - and play some music - try to press slightly with your finger in the back thing - now you should hear the music"

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