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No power to dryer

No power to dryer

Hi! We were getting a F error code and I looked on you tube they said it may be the vent was clogged so my husband pulled the dryer out and got behind and we cleaned out the vent. Well we have a very small laundry room and so he dented the top of dryer getting behind it. So the drum was rubbing on the top of dryer. So next he took the top off we popped the dent out put the top back on and now there is no power at all.. We are not the handiest of people but cant afford a service call. So is there a reset button maybe or something that we may need to push? Please let it be simple!!! It just keeps getting worse!! Also its a Kenmore He2 Gas dryer. HELP!!!!!!


"All dryers now have a thermal fuse, not resettable, that will open the circuit if it senses a restriction in the air flow. A clogged vent or a kink in the vent hose will do it every time. To do this repair you must have a multimeter and an understanding of how to use it and how to read ohms.

It is not an expensive repair. Most companies will give you a price to repair over the phone. Call around and ask what they charge to replace a thermal fuse on your dryer. Explain that you did have a restriction in the vent and that you have cleared it.

Sometimes diy can make a simple repair more costly. Since there are several components that need to be checked, each one in a different location in the dryer, someone with experience might be your best bet."

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