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Noise interference on tivoli pal

Noise interference on tivoli pal

My tivoli pal radio is about 4 years old. It has started making awful loud unbearable noises randomly. Sometimes it seems to settle and play fine, others it is intolerably loud. It especially happens on turning on. Can anyone help?


"I emailed help@tivoliaudio about the problem. Their suggested remedy:

It is pretty common over time for dust to collect in and around analogue tuners. Dust can cause drifting, scratchy noises while tuning, and difficulty finding stations. Regularly exercising your tuner will help to keep it dust free.

To exercise your tuner you will want to turn the radio on and turn the volume all the way down. Turn the tuning knob to the far left and then to the far right. Continue to vigorously turn this knob back and forth for two to three minutes. This will loosen any dirt or dust that may be lodged in your tuner and will recoat it in grease.

Success! After several minutes of vigorous turning, our radio’s tuning problems went away. Fingers crossed it stays that way."

Tivoli uses a non standard tuner so do not use any sprays or cleaners on it as these can damage the part beyond repair. As Paul suggests, excercising the tuner is the best first step. Basically with the radio on or off and at no volume turn the knob/dial fully clockwise then counter clockwise a number of times. This will help scrap off oxidation which seems to be the issue with noisy tuning.

We were having interference issues with our Model One with strong stations on the lower end of the FM dial. I tried an external antenna and that made it worse. I read on another forum that someone with the exact same issue mistakenly fixed it by putting a simple 3-way antenna connector on the antenna connector and leaving it in internal antenna mode. This worked perfectly, and the radio has never worked better. I can’t explain it, but it’s a great $5 fix.

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