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Only works when plugged into wall charger

Only works when plugged into wall charger

I replaced the battery with a new ifixit battery. Didnt fix. The battery showes fully charged and ipod works only when pluged into factory wall charger. When pluged into front of computer a dim "please wait battery very low" is lightly visable. When not plugged in nothing shows at all...


labergesteve, make sure that the battery cable is properly inserted in the little connector and that the clip is down to hold it into the connector. Let it charge a good while. I usually use a firewire connection to give the battery an extra boost since if it is to discharged, the USB and sometimes even a wall charger will not provide enough amperage to give it the initial kick. Of course you could also have a bad battery and there is also the possibility that the charging circuit on your ipod logic board has failed, which usually leads to a logic board replacement. Good luck and I hope you get it working.

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