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Other ways inside iPod

Other ways inside iPod
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Having doing this as my job, I use a guitar pick of good quality (usually found at a music shop) and that gets down to the metal tabs and releases it easier. I still use the pry tool first.
"Hey Danno,

Believe it or not, opening an iPod Video is easier than some of the other iPods in Apple's lineup (iPod Classic and 3rd Gen nano come to mind). iFixit suggests using the plastic iPod opening tools because they do less damage to the exterior casing, and will not short any of the electronics inside. You can try using a metal spudger, but consider that:

you'll scratch the exterior case much more easilyyou run a higher risk of cracking the display and/or the plastic you also run the risk of potentially shorting or damaging internal components.

You can also try to start the opening procedure on top of the iPod by the hold switch. But be very careful -- you run a higher risk of cracking the display, which is why the iPod Video opening guide instructs you to start at the bottom."
I use a nylon pan scraper. You can find one at Sur La Table, cost less than a dollar. Make sure to get one with a sharp edge. It slips into the gap between the metal and plastic pretty easily, and since it is two inches wide, it will release a couple of the catches at a time. Also, it won't bend the metal. Works every time.
Sales747 has got it on this one, I too use a guitar pick, think it's 1.0mm from what I remember.
I agree with the comments by Miroslav. I think my iPod is a 5th Genertion (video) model but it has a metal back and a metal cover. When inserting the plastic tool it is like inserting it between the jaws of a pair of scissors. Sliding the plastic tool along the edge conviently cuts off the tip of the tool. Also there is no flexibility in the metal top. I've spent 2 houres trying to open the unit with no success. Do they make metal tools instead of plastic tools for opening the iPod?
Here's another method: Fingernail. You have to have *really* tough fingernails, but that's how I normally get into this iPod (or almost any iPod, for that matter).

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