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iPod Video 5G playing music but no sound other than background hiss

iPod Video 5G playing music but no sound other than background hiss

I recently bought an iPod Video 5G and everything works fine except that when I'm playing music there is no sound coming from my headphones other than faint background hiss when I turn the volume to the maximum. I have tried those same music files on my other iPod and I can hear music but not my iPod Video 5G. I have restored the iPod via iTunes but the problem persists and I have tried pressing hard under the scroll wheel but nothing happens and I have also stuck my iPod into a freezer for 10 minutes but still the sound doesn't work.


"There is the possibility that you need to exchange the headphone jack. Not a terribly difficult or expensive repair. First try to insert and reinsert your headphones a couple of times in a row, potentially loosening a stuck contact. should that not work, try to replace the jack. ifixit/iPod-Parts/iPod-Vi... is the part and the guide is here iPod 5th Generation (Video) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement

But there is also another possibility, not as nice as the first one. It would be nice if you could get someone to let you use a docking station etc. To see if you have audio out from the iPod. This particular model has a problem with an IC on the logic board. You can try and see if you get sounds by applying some pressure to the right lower side of the ipod, almost between the click wheel and the bottom corner. If that is happening to you there are only a couple of options. New logic board fro about $40 on eBay, reflow your old logic board or you can try what warnergt did on forums.macnn/103/ipod-iphone-... it is kind of crude but it does seem to work. Good Luck to you and your iPod"

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