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Panasonic Viera LCD has no picture but does have sound

Panasonic Viera LCD has no picture but does have sound




check the voltage on the individual boards. If the output is correct you know it is your backlight array. If the voltages are not then you know the problem is on he individual boards. Use your multimeter and test for the voltage on the test points (TP marked on the boards)Multimeter set to the voltage VDC according to the list . Black probe to ground, red probe to TP.

Voltage chart of P-Board


24V TP7407 < 1V 24V ± 1.2V

16V TP7410 < 1V 15.7V ± 0.6V

5VS TP7501 5.2V ± 0.2V 5.2V ± 0.2V

PFC TP7201/TP7202 < 340V 390V ± 15V

Voltage chart of A-Board


PANEL12V TP4097 11.3V - 13V

SUB3.3V TP5400 3.16V - 3.48V

SUB5V TP5420 4.98V - 5.25V

SUB1.5V TP8101 1.45V - 1.57V

SUB1.2V TP8100 1.14V - 1.26V

STB5V TP5200 4.9V - 5.4V

STB3.3V TP5002 3.14V - 3.46V

HDMI3.3V TP8000 3.14V - 3.46V

Of course, you can also try to measure the voltages on the connectors.

Always remember that you also need a signal to turn the backlight on (BL_ON). No signal no backlight. Let us know what you find"

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