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Powers on but turns black after LG logo

Powers on but turns black after LG logo

Have an LG 55LS5700 with the same problem. I replaced the power board with a different one and didn't help. Measured voltages to the LEDs and they all measured around 18VDC. The LED+ measured 71VDC. I assume they are correct. Measured the voltages on the connector from the video/main board and they appear to be correct but not sure a couple of the voltages. P-DIM2 voltage is 1.2VDC and PWR-ON is 3.4V(board says 24V).


"Hi @bgoral42 ,

Try updating the firmware for the TV, via USB and check if this resolves the problem.

To me getting the logo indicates that the fundamentals are there in that the screen works, the backlights work and the power is OK, all to a degree anyway. ;-)

Verify that your exact TV model number is listed in the Reference link to the right of the software downloads as installing the incorrect firmware can brick the TV

I realize that you cannot verify what firmware is already installed in the TV and it doesn’t allow for the installation of the same version or earlier version firmware, but perhaps it is worth trying to install the latest version firmware unless you know that it is already installed. If you already have the latest firmware installed, the installation won’t proceed"

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