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Radio Cassette Player Belt Turning, Only 1 Spool Turning in Play Mode

Radio Cassette Player Belt Turning, Only 1 Spool Turning in Play Mode
'80s Magnavox Cassette Radio Boombox: I went to verify the cassette player worked and the tape got stuck, play button was stuck and eject wouldn't work. I opened unit and eventually got buttons unstuck. Now have determined rewind and fast-forward work, the belt turns. In play mode I can see the belt turning but only the left spool is turning, counterclockwise. Thanks in advance for any help.


"The tape jam you get is because the tape is pulled through the mechanism by the capstan and the pinch roller (marked red) but since the take-up reel (marked yellow) doesn't turn the tape spills out. The supply reel (marked blue) is not actively driven in play mode, it should be slightly braked to maintain tape tension across the heads.

When driven, the take-up reel can only ever turn counterclockwise (in Play and FF mode) and the supply reel can only turn clockwise (in REW mode). In Play mode, the take-up reel is driven through a slip clutch so it can't pull too hard on the tape.

Most likely, the deck is either missing the belt that drives the slip clutch, or the servo mechanism that controls the various tape transport functions has a problem.

If you enjoy tinkering, it's a nice job to cut your teeth on ;)"

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