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"Ratcheting" noise in wash cycle only

"Ratcheting" noise in wash cycle only

During the wash cycle the machine makes a LOUD ratcheting sound. This is the only time it makes the sound and is not affected by different washing selections. The sound started as brief noise and has grown to a full time noise.


"If your Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine is making strange noises, see the Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Makes Unusual Noises problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Take a look at the hub of the agitator and see if it appears to be turning enough. It sounds to me like you may need an Agitator Repair Kit. To get you to the correct part we would need your exact model number."

The problem was a very simple issue in the end. A bolt... One... fell out. However it's the bolt that holds the main pulley on. As the bolt backed itself out the pulley worked it's way down and this model has a plastic cage over it. The pulley began eating it's way through the cage--- that was the ratchet sound and the burning smell. I put the bolt back in with a new lock washer and it has worked fine ever since. Total cost was 3 cents for the washer.

"I just fixed my washing machine by adding a 1/16” thick washer under the nut that holds the large plastic pulley on. Steps to fix:

Disconnect power, hoses, and drain hose.Drag the washer out and turn it upside down. It will leak a small amount of water on the floor. The drum will dislocate a little because it hangs, this will not harm anything it will reposition itself to the correct position once you turn the washing machine back right side up.Remove the plastic cover protecting the drive belt and drive pulleys.Remove the drive belt by rotating the large plastic pulley a little as you displace the belt.Grab the large plastic pulley and, holding it firmly with one hand use a wrench to remove the nut holding it on.Place a 1/16” thick washer over the now exposed threaded part, placing it on top of the plastic pulley and sandwiching it between the pulley and the nut you removed in the last step.Screw the nut back on tightly.Put the drive belt back on using the same method you used to remove it.Tip the washing machine back up onto its’ feet, reconnect all hoses, plug it in, and Bob’s your uncle."

The fix worked like a charm. Here’s some pics:

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