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Replaced battery, now I just get apple/support msg?

Replaced battery, now I just get apple/support msg?

I replaced the OEM battery and now all I can get when I plug it into my computer is this message: apple/support/ipod with a sad faced ipod and "!" in a triangle. I can't get it to charge.


Cindi, to change your battery you had to remove the hard drive. If it worked before without any problems, make sure that the cable is properly seated and properly directed. I have actually seen that people turned it over and disconnected the wrong ends. Anyhow, that is where I would start to troubleshoot. Good Luck and let us know.

It really should not matter, but definitely put the hold switch on before you open the ipod.Also make sure that the cable is properly connected to the HDD, some of those cables do get an internal break and the sharp bend. The cables are really inexpensive. I usually test my HDD by using a ZIF-to-Usb connector and running the HDD externally to make sure it is ok. Use a small paperclip and bend it in an L-shape to pule up the clip for the battery connector. Pull gently and STRAIGHT. Many people break the connector off the logic board, because they angle the tool and pry it off. The sad face icon is mostly associated with a bad HDD so if your battery is connected properly, check on that. You should also try to place the ipod in Disk Mode and see if you can access the files on the drive to see if your drive functions okay. Here is how you do it. Furthermore, your ipod has its own diagnostics. Access it like this and see what it does. Let us know what works so that we can continue to help you if needed. And sorry, I delete my first answer accidentally...:-)

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