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Replaced headphone jack and hold switch now no sound.

Replaced headphone jack and hold switch now no sound.

I previously had sound in one ear only I ordered a new headphone jack and hold switch from ifixit. I replaced the battery at the same time because why not. After I got everything back together after following the instructions I now have no sound. The hold button works but no sound. I put it on my ihome and worked fine so not logic board. Anyone else experience this?


There are two possibilities that I can think of right now. One is your connector of the ribbon cable on the logic board. Make sure the cable is properly and straight inserted. as well as deep enough and that you closed the connector. I have had some previous issues with that myself. the other one is that your headphone jack is stuck. Insert and remove the head phone multiple times in rapid succession and see if that will free it up. Also, you could use a magnifying glass and see if there is any packing material on the inside of the jack. If that does not work, I would consider talking with the Vendor and see if you get a refund/replacement. Good Luck.

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