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Risks of short-circuiting Li-ion battery?

Risks of short-circuiting Li-ion battery?
I received a new Haier Li-ion battery (haier h11255) for my cell phone and although it seems identical to the old one, it does not work. After some tinkering I discovered that the 4 'pins' on the battery are in another order then they should be. I can easily fix this by connecting two of the pins, which I tried using a paperclip. Is there any risk doing this? If so, what are they?


Definitely get rid of that battery. One of the four pins is used to measure BTemp (battery temp.). When it's temp. is beyond a specified range, the battery will stop charging to prevent overheating. Unordered pins are a bad sign.
"Return the battery and get the correct one. Don't chance it!

The battery can explode or catch on fire if sorted."

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