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What is the quality of the MacBook Pro replacement battery?

What is the quality of the MacBook Pro replacement battery?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"There is two methods in replacing your battery:

MacBook Pro 15"" Retina Display Mid 2014 Upper Case Assembly Replacement Which is the more expensive way.MacBook Pro 15"" Retina Display Mid 2014 Battery Replacement While cheaper does take a bit of TLC.

As for your batteries lifespan: How you use your system has a big bearing! Running your battery to the bitter end recharging and doing that over and over again will shorten your batteries life. Allowing your system to run down about 2/3 and then recharging is much better!

How about checking your battery using this app: CoconutBattery Take a screenshot of the main window and paste it here for us to see: Adding images to an existing question Lets see where your battery is now.

The IFIXIT battery is made by the same company Apple uses.

Update (06/28/2018)

You are getting close to the end of the batteries life (700 Cycles). Reference this Apple T/N: Determine battery cycle count for Mac notebooks. So its getting close to needing a new battery.

As for Apples battery supplier, they use a bunch of different suppliers as their need is so great, Simplo is one supplier."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

I have tried already 2 Simplo batteries as their full charge capacity degraded to under 80% in 17 cycles. Looking for a better alternative.
mcgyver89 [Entry]

Hi, I am looking to replace my battery finally...does anyone know of those batteries that last a reallyyyy long time? my gf's macbook air used to last like 48hrs I think, but she said her kind of battery came with her macbook. I have a Macbook pro retina 15", is it possible to get a REALLY good one? thanks
mcgyver89 [Entry]


I bought my replacement battery for that same exact laptop on here. The first battery dropped very quickly in terms of performance, and as I monitored it via coconutbattery I was able to see that something was not right but I was too lazy / busy to take care of it.

Eventually I started to have random shutdown problems - most of which experienced when the MacBook Pro was running off the internal battery (not on AC). I contacted ifixit (a year after, mind you), and they sent me a new battery as a replacement.

In other words your mileage will vary, but if you go to a reputable source, they should stand behind their products. Sure, you will have to spend the time cleaning it and getting rid of the adhesive (you get better the second time around btw, hint: do not use acetone, use some light scraping with a strong plastic sprue, and use painter tape to remove the remaining residue), but in the end this is the cost of DIY.

As a side note, I should have qualified under Apple’s coating recall but the Genius flat-out refused to take the laptop when I told him it has a 3rd party battery in. So… Piece of advice, keep your old battery around just in case (or send it to me lol)."