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Senheisser rs120 earphones - does the charging dock wire just pull out

Senheisser rs120 earphones - does the charging dock wire just pull out
Dog chewed the wire on SENNHEISER RS120 wireless earphones. Have a replacement but don't know how to get the wire out of the charging dock-afraid to just pull it out.



What is it with dogs and the Sennheiser RS120?

Here is a link to a question (in Dutch) where the person had the same problem

Kabel aan dockingstation gebroken

In essence the paraphrased and translated answer to the problem was :

There are two screws on the side of the unit that need to be loosened (or removed). After that use an old plastic credit card (or similar) along the edges of the white front panel to pry it loose. You'll then have access to the cable etc.

Hopefully this is of some help


Original reply

Aan de zijkant heb je twee vijzen dat je moet losdraaien, dan kan je, mits gebruik van een bankkaart of iets in die aard (dat je nadien uiteraard mag weggooien), het voorste 'witte' paneel ervan halen als je met de kaart langs de randen alle contactje losmaakt.

Google translation

On the side you have two screws that you have to loosen, then you can, with the use of a bank card or something like that (which you can discard afterwards of course), the front 'white' panel of it if you go with the card along the edges loosen all contact."

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